What is your “Reality”

Wow, we are at the end of 2016.  We have witnessed so much tragedy in this country this year alone with all of the police shootings of unarmed black men and women, blatant racism, terrorist attacks and more.

I find myself asking the question of “Where do you find strength in the midst of all of this”? “What is your reality to make you fight and not give up”?  This year has definitely been an eye opener for me and so many others who were faced with their own personal calamities.

I witnessed a dear friend overcome and fight breast cancer and that was a humbling experience for me. To see her at her worst and still look as radiant as ever revealed the strength that we as women possess. Determined to live and a will to overcome sickness was her reality!

To witness another best friend lose her home in a disastrous flood leaving she and her family without a home and no personal belongings was heartbroken. Her positivity scared me as I thought she had lost her mind. She was too calm for me after losing “everything “!! Again, the strength of a woman who was determined to keep her family together and not be defeated was her reality!

Each of us have a “reality” to face and our attitude determines how our outcome will be. Having a positive mindset and faith has definitely shown me that through adversity, we can defeat anything that comes our way!!

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