My Fabulous Five

We all look forward to each new year hoping that it will be better than the last. I often wonder if I will honestly do anything different than the past years.  I can tell you that it’s easier said than done.

I’ve comprised a list of things that I have sought over the years that actually works for me when I adhere to them.

1. Trust God- I have learned to trust God and lean on him for everything.  When I am unsure of a decision I need to make or wondering what’s going to happen with my job, I trust God to take care of it all.

2. Have Faith- If I said that I will trust God in my decision making, then I have to believe that it will be in my best interest. I have to believe that everything that I asked for will come to pass.

3. Laugh More– Laughter is good for the soul. Find humor in your mistakes. I try not to be so serious and uptight all the time. It costs nothing to smile. I love a sense of humor.

4. Set One Goal– I know we all go into the new year with a list of goals to accomplish and by June we realize nothing has been done. Find one goal and set your mind to achieving it. It can be something  as simple as losing 10 pounds in 3 months. Whatever it is, choose one and focus on completing it this year. This way you won’t feel disappointed by not completing the entire list, but instead you accomplished the one you set out to do.

5. Eat Healthy- I know this is a hard one, but if we want to see 2018, it is worth it. Choosing to eat healthy is good for your mind as well as your body. I not only feed my body healthier foods, but I feed my mind by reading positive information to increase my knowledge in different topics.

I am certain there are more tips that I can give, but these are my top 5 that I use to get me through each day in order to make it through another year!  What are your top 5?

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