Blessings are all around us

In today’s society we tend to forget about the blessings that surrounds us.  With all of the hustle and bustle going on around us, we never take the time to stop and look at the sunrise or sunset, smell the fresh air, or even take a walk in the park to view God’s creation.  If you think about it, we always have something that captures our attention and make us feel as if we don’t have time to appreciate the little things in life.

Today, let’s all take a minute out of our busy schedules and thank God for being here. Thank God for allowing us to see another year and giving us another chance to make it better.  Let’s all thank him for the blessings we have already received and for those that are coming our way.

As women, we have so many things that can clutter our minds with the many roles we possess such as Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur,  Manager, CEO, Sister, Daughter, and Girlfriend just to name a few.  But have we thought about such a title called SERVANT.  Ask yourself, how can I be a servant and how can I bless someone else’s life today?   I challenge each of you to be a blessing to someone today without having any expectations in return!

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