Do you know your strength?

As we come to the end of the first week, I must admit it is a very good start into the New year.  I have managed to encourage others, look for the positives in situations even when it seemed impossible, be a supportive wife, a caring mother, and a diligent manager.  These are just a few of my everyday tasks that are completed without having to be reminded to do it.

I sit back and wonder if we as women really know our strengths and capabilities?  Women have been making history for years and showing off our true talents. As I review the movie “Hidden Figures” it speaks volumes of the three women who were mathematicians at NASA whose calculations allowed for some of the greatest accomplishments in space.  These women overcame obstacles everyday, but chose to never give up and in return made significant contributions to the space program.  hidden-figures

As a black woman who worked on the International Space Shuttle Program, seeing this movie made me feel proud and inspired to follow my dreams and conquer the endless possibilities that lies ahead!

Those of you who are struggling to find your place in this world, I challenge you to find your hidden talent and stop sleeping; as the old Chinese proverb says, “When sleeping women wake, mountains will move”!!



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