Moving Forward

As we say good bye to the 44th President and his family, it is a sad day for many of us.  As we reminisce on how he took office 8 years ago with the slogan “Yes we can” and a positive attitude that gave us hope and excitement for a better tomorrow.  He shared his personal emotions with us all, he shared his beliefs with us all and most of all he shared his family with us all.

Image result for obama family portrait 2008     Image result for obama family potraitl 2016

We are on our way to inaugurating a new 45th President and it still remains uncertain as to the beliefs, political views, and moral values of this person.  We live in a world where we put too much emphasis in “Man”.  One thing remains certain and will never change is the sovereignty of God the almighty.  We may not have control over where this country is going, but we do have control over where we will be going.  We have a choice as to whom we will serve and I choose to serve the highest Commander and Chief, the King of all Kings, the one of whom we all will have to answer to.

I say this to you, on January 20, 2017; don’t be sadden by this day as this will be the day that the nation will come to know who is really sitting on the Throne, for he sits high and looks down low!!

Psalm 138:6

For though the Lord is high, he regards the lowly, but the haughty he knows from afar.

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