Generational Women

Today we celebrate women all over the world just because they are women. How do you define “woman”? Well, we are more than a pretty face and a nice smile with an hourglass shape and for some a sexual high! We are the backbone of families from generation after generation. We have been known to provide nurturing for the sick, prayers in time of despair, encouragement in time of weakness, and guidance for those that are lost.

We as women have managed to continue to pave the way for the next generation to walk in our footsteps as Mothers, Lawyers, Judges, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, and every other profession we can make our presence known.


Today, I salute all of those women who give so much of themselves to everyone else without seeking anything in return. To those who work endlessly taking care of their families with no hesitation, we see you and we appreciate your hard work. To those women who are tired and want to give up, my words to you are to keep pushing and never give up. We all face adversities, but what makes us different from those who remain in the same spot is the decision we make to continue to fight and never give up!!

Be an inspiration to another woman today and tell her how much you admire and appreciate her!!

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