Am I My Brother’s Keeper

What do you do when you’ve done all that you can? No, you don’t stand, you kneel!! You get on your knees and pray. There is no better substitute for worry and stress than praying!! We often get so caught up in our daily lives and issues that we forget there is a higher power who can carry all the weight of our troubles.

We as a nation are facing trying times and politically could be one of the biggest turmoils we have ever seen in decades. We need to pray individually, collectively, and continuously. There are so many crimes being committed daily, our women are being killed in an abundance because of domestic violence, our children are being kidnapped at a rapid pace. It’s time to unite in prayer!

We need to pray for one another and be there as our sisters and brothers keepers. It’s time to unite as one nation and family! As easy as it is to Go Live on FB, post pics on IG, retweet the latest gossip on Twitter, it only takes a few seconds to drop on your knees and say a prayer for each other and our nation. “When two or three are gathered together”…….


Finding a Pathway

We often talk ourselves out of something we are interested in pursuing just because we are scared.  Fear is not an option to success.  If there is something pressing down on you to discover than by all means take a chance. You will never know your full potential unless you take a chance.

I  always pray and ask God for guidance and direction before moving forward with ideas.  It is a must for me to hear from him before making any moves.  It’s funny because he will give me signs at the most unimaginative times.  I could dream about the exact same thing that I prayed about, I could see a commercial about the same thing I just asked for, I can attend church and the pastor is preaching on the very same thing.  I smile and say, “God I got the picture”!!  These aren’t mere coincidences; this is God confirming and affirming what I have prayed and asked guidance for in my life.

Take heed to those confirmations and let God lead you down the right path. When you walk in your purpose, you will find the reason to live life to the fullest.  It is then and only then that you understand your purpose here on Earth. Opportunity knocks and it’s up to us to answer.

Do something you have never done before. Go places you have never been before. And by all means, act on the dreams and visions you feared you never thought would come true!!31024333-road-to-opportunity-words-on-highway-road-going-up-as-an-arrow