What weapon do you carry?

IMG_0434Have you ever felt like the weight of the world were on your shoulders? Have you ever been in a space so confined that only you and your thoughts could get in? Being in a state of mind when you feel as if all hope is lost and you’re not sure how in the hell you got to this place in your life? The trials and tribulations, struggles and setbacks all are coming at you simultaneously and you’re wondering which weapon do I use to help myself get out of this situation.

Well, Speaking from experiences of setbacks, disappointment, and fear, I decided to try the weapon of prayer!! Guess what y’all, it works!! I didn’t need to purchase anything online, no need to call up my homeboys, I realized the most powerful weapon I needed was right inside of me. Please don’t doubt the power of prayer. I also realized the outcome may not be what I expected, but it was the best outcome for the situation.

God has a way of using our setbacks as lessons. It’s up to us to see them as blessings!!

Grab a friend who needs prayer and walk with them during their time of need. You never know how much it will mean to them and how powerful you can be in changing their lives!