I recently attended a webinar that made me rethink what was most important to me. I asked myself the question, if I had to choose what was important to me at this point in my life, I would choose my family.  I’m not saying that everyone should have the same decision as I do because our decisions are based on different factors.

The first factor is our age. We all have different goals and are driven by different interests dependent upon our age and how we process things. I’m sure at the age of 25, I had a different perspective and my drive was strictly focused on my career.

Another factor is our commitment to what interests us the most. We will spend more time doing the things we enjoy rather than the things we don’t .  Determine what is important to you and make the choice to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Your determination will take you a long way, but only if you are honest with yourself.  Start making plans to do those things you have always dreamed of doing.  Put some action toward those goals and watch them come to fruition!!

Our biggest obstacle is Fear and the person standing  in the mirror!!


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