What Direction are you going?

We are 3 months away before the ending of 2018 and as I look over this year, I remember where I was at this time in 2017. So much has happened and so many things have changed. I sit back and question my decisions and my thoughts in this thing called life.

As I gather my thoughts, it’s clear to see how I have transformed while transitioning. Do you know what that feels like? It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can imagine. Everything that I thought was important to me was suddenly not of interest to me anymore and things I thought I would never be interested in suddenly took precedence over the old. bryant-mcgill-fall-apart-new-life-5t4a

When God is using you to do something greater, you will find a degree of uncertainty and unease. This is when you know you’re on a faith walk trusting and believing it will work out for your good. I had to stop fighting myself and allow the transformation to take place internally so that I can reflect on the outside what was happening in the inside.

Sometimes we have to purge from the inside to ensure we are clean before we can move forward. Anyone can do an external makeover and still be dirty internally.

Stop trying to convince yourself that you are not worthy of the calling God has on your life. One thing we must all remember is that God doesn’t call those that are QUALIFIED, he qualifies those that are CALLED!! Are you listening for your call?


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