What is perception?

How do you define perception? Do you believe it to be your truth? How do you determine the difference between perception and reality? These are a few questions to think about when offering up an opinion.

Perception for me is my opinion based on what I choose to believe. As I look at current and past events that has taken place in society, I often wonder about perception.  Is the mental impression that is made in our minds more powerful to believe than actual reality? What sets apart our ability to believe something false vs what is factual?Brand_Perception

Perception is real to me because if someone truly wants to believe in something or someone no matter what the facts or truth is, the perception becomes their reality. Be careful not to fall in the trap of taking on someone else’s beliefs that are not you own! It’s perfectly fine to question your own beliefs and to get a better understanding of why you choose to believe what you think to be your truth! change-your-perception-of-things-and-you-will-change-your-reality-quote-1