How do you view STRESS

We definitely understand that stress is apart of all of our lives and there is no formula that can make it disappear. However, there is a way we can reduce stress and alleviate those uncomfortable moments.

How do you view stress? How does it fit into your life? Do you control the amount of stress you take on or does it control you? A few questions to ask yourself when you’re settled in and relaxing.

Stress is a state of mind. It’s usually the unknown that never happens to us that has our minds and nerves all over the place because we think it may happen. And for those situations that actually occur, how do we act or react?

If we look at Stress from these 6 phases, we can step back and review our perspective and visualize what we are honestly allowing ourselves to get overwhelmed by. These steps has helped me to break down my issues one piece at a time until the issue no longer remained.

Step 1- Survey what is the issue and if there is one, what needs to change.

Step 2- Transform negative thinking into positive thoughts

Step 3- Re-evaluate the issue to gain understanding

Step 4- Execute a plan of action

Step 5- Strengthen your ability to accept change

Step 6- Support your goals and future endeavors

These phases have allowed me to reduce the stress in my life because I have come to realize that every situation does not require my time nor energy so why focus on it.

Be selective and determine what actually deserves your time, energy, and attention because we all know once these things are gone, we can’t get them back.