How do you view STRESS

We definitely understand that stress is apart of all of our lives and there is no formula that can make it disappear. However, there is a way we can reduce stress and alleviate those uncomfortable moments.

How do you view stress? How does it fit into your life? Do you control the amount of stress you take on or does it control you? A few questions to ask yourself when you’re settled in and relaxing.

Stress is a state of mind. It’s usually the unknown that never happens to us that has our minds and nerves all over the place because we think it may happen. And for those situations that actually occur, how do we act or react?

If we look at Stress from these 6 phases, we can step back and review our perspective and visualize what we are honestly allowing ourselves to get overwhelmed by. These steps has helped me to break down my issues one piece at a time until the issue no longer remained.

Step 1- Survey what is the issue and if there is one, what needs to change.

Step 2- Transform negative thinking into positive thoughts

Step 3- Re-evaluate the issue to gain understanding

Step 4- Execute a plan of action

Step 5- Strengthen your ability to accept change

Step 6- Support your goals and future endeavors

These phases have allowed me to reduce the stress in my life because I have come to realize that every situation does not require my time nor energy so why focus on it.

Be selective and determine what actually deserves your time, energy, and attention because we all know once these things are gone, we can’t get them back.

What is perception?

How do you define perception? Do you believe it to be your truth? How do you determine the difference between perception and reality? These are a few questions to think about when offering up an opinion.

Perception for me is my opinion based on what I choose to believe. As I look at current and past events that has taken place in society, I often wonder about perception.  Is the mental impression that is made in our minds more powerful to believe than actual reality? What sets apart our ability to believe something false vs what is factual?Brand_Perception

Perception is real to me because if someone truly wants to believe in something or someone no matter what the facts or truth is, the perception becomes their reality. Be careful not to fall in the trap of taking on someone else’s beliefs that are not you own! It’s perfectly fine to question your own beliefs and to get a better understanding of why you choose to believe what you think to be your truth! change-your-perception-of-things-and-you-will-change-your-reality-quote-1

What Direction are you going?

We are 3 months away before the ending of 2018 and as I look over this year, I remember where I was at this time in 2017. So much has happened and so many things have changed. I sit back and question my decisions and my thoughts in this thing called life.

As I gather my thoughts, it’s clear to see how I have transformed while transitioning. Do you know what that feels like? It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can imagine. Everything that I thought was important to me was suddenly not of interest to me anymore and things I thought I would never be interested in suddenly took precedence over the old. bryant-mcgill-fall-apart-new-life-5t4a

When God is using you to do something greater, you will find a degree of uncertainty and unease. This is when you know you’re on a faith walk trusting and believing it will work out for your good. I had to stop fighting myself and allow the transformation to take place internally so that I can reflect on the outside what was happening in the inside.

Sometimes we have to purge from the inside to ensure we are clean before we can move forward. Anyone can do an external makeover and still be dirty internally.

Stop trying to convince yourself that you are not worthy of the calling God has on your life. One thing we must all remember is that God doesn’t call those that are QUALIFIED, he qualifies those that are CALLED!! Are you listening for your call?


What is Success?

What does success mean to you?  Have you ever sat down and really thought about and defined what it means to be successful?  I hope each of you understand that success means something different for each person.  What I believe to be success may not be the same as the next person. We live in a social media world where everyone is fighting for the spotlight of fame and fortune to be recognized as being successful.

I’m sure you are asking what does success means to me.  Well, I’m glad you asked! Success means more to me than glitter and gold.  What I mean by that is to say I need more than luxury cars, lavish jewelry, expensive clothes, etc.  I need something that is only given to me through my inner being.  My idea of success is having Peace! I say this because no one can steal my peace and no one is in charge of whether or not I receive my peace.  When I am able to sleep comfortably at night without the fear of worrying about my children, or wondering how a bill will be paid, or questioning if my health will fail me; is far more substantial than living for glitter and gold.

Because we live in such an autonomous world, we want everyone to believe we are succeeding even when we are not.  It is okay to be transparent and authentic with yourself because at the end of the day, you are the only person that really know what sacrifices you have made to get to where you are.  You don’t owe anyone any explanations for your decisions about your life. The best thing you can do is to be open and honest with yourself and know that your life is your business.  Those who you are trying to attract will only be there for all the wrong reasons!

Remember, “what do you benefit if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul” Mark 8:36.  Be mindful in how you attempt to attract others.  Your character will reveal who you are whether you perceive yourself as successful or not.  When you stop comparing your life to someone else’s, you will find that you are indeed successful and for that you should be thankful!



I recently attended a webinar that made me rethink what was most important to me. I asked myself the question, if I had to choose what was important to me at this point in my life, I would choose my family.  I’m not saying that everyone should have the same decision as I do because our decisions are based on different factors.

The first factor is our age. We all have different goals and are driven by different interests dependent upon our age and how we process things. I’m sure at the age of 25, I had a different perspective and my drive was strictly focused on my career.

Another factor is our commitment to what interests us the most. We will spend more time doing the things we enjoy rather than the things we don’t .  Determine what is important to you and make the choice to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Your determination will take you a long way, but only if you are honest with yourself.  Start making plans to do those things you have always dreamed of doing.  Put some action toward those goals and watch them come to fruition!!

Our biggest obstacle is Fear and the person standing  in the mirror!!


What weapon do you carry?

IMG_0434Have you ever felt like the weight of the world were on your shoulders? Have you ever been in a space so confined that only you and your thoughts could get in? Being in a state of mind when you feel as if all hope is lost and you’re not sure how in the hell you got to this place in your life? The trials and tribulations, struggles and setbacks all are coming at you simultaneously and you’re wondering which weapon do I use to help myself get out of this situation.

Well, Speaking from experiences of setbacks, disappointment, and fear, I decided to try the weapon of prayer!! Guess what y’all, it works!! I didn’t need to purchase anything online, no need to call up my homeboys, I realized the most powerful weapon I needed was right inside of me. Please don’t doubt the power of prayer. I also realized the outcome may not be what I expected, but it was the best outcome for the situation.

God has a way of using our setbacks as lessons. It’s up to us to see them as blessings!!

Grab a friend who needs prayer and walk with them during their time of need. You never know how much it will mean to them and how powerful you can be in changing their lives!





Am I My Brother’s Keeper

What do you do when you’ve done all that you can? No, you don’t stand, you kneel!! You get on your knees and pray. There is no better substitute for worry and stress than praying!! We often get so caught up in our daily lives and issues that we forget there is a higher power who can carry all the weight of our troubles.

We as a nation are facing trying times and politically could be one of the biggest turmoils we have ever seen in decades. We need to pray individually, collectively, and continuously. There are so many crimes being committed daily, our women are being killed in an abundance because of domestic violence, our children are being kidnapped at a rapid pace. It’s time to unite in prayer!

We need to pray for one another and be there as our sisters and brothers keepers. It’s time to unite as one nation and family! As easy as it is to Go Live on FB, post pics on IG, retweet the latest gossip on Twitter, it only takes a few seconds to drop on your knees and say a prayer for each other and our nation. “When two or three are gathered together”…….


Finding a Pathway

We often talk ourselves out of something we are interested in pursuing just because we are scared.  Fear is not an option to success.  If there is something pressing down on you to discover than by all means take a chance. You will never know your full potential unless you take a chance.

I  always pray and ask God for guidance and direction before moving forward with ideas.  It is a must for me to hear from him before making any moves.  It’s funny because he will give me signs at the most unimaginative times.  I could dream about the exact same thing that I prayed about, I could see a commercial about the same thing I just asked for, I can attend church and the pastor is preaching on the very same thing.  I smile and say, “God I got the picture”!!  These aren’t mere coincidences; this is God confirming and affirming what I have prayed and asked guidance for in my life.

Take heed to those confirmations and let God lead you down the right path. When you walk in your purpose, you will find the reason to live life to the fullest.  It is then and only then that you understand your purpose here on Earth. Opportunity knocks and it’s up to us to answer.

Do something you have never done before. Go places you have never been before. And by all means, act on the dreams and visions you feared you never thought would come true!!31024333-road-to-opportunity-words-on-highway-road-going-up-as-an-arrow


Generational Women

Today we celebrate women all over the world just because they are women. How do you define “woman”? Well, we are more than a pretty face and a nice smile with an hourglass shape and for some a sexual high! We are the backbone of families from generation after generation. We have been known to provide nurturing for the sick, prayers in time of despair, encouragement in time of weakness, and guidance for those that are lost.

We as women have managed to continue to pave the way for the next generation to walk in our footsteps as Mothers, Lawyers, Judges, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, and every other profession we can make our presence known.


Today, I salute all of those women who give so much of themselves to everyone else without seeking anything in return. To those who work endlessly taking care of their families with no hesitation, we see you and we appreciate your hard work. To those women who are tired and want to give up, my words to you are to keep pushing and never give up. We all face adversities, but what makes us different from those who remain in the same spot is the decision we make to continue to fight and never give up!!

Be an inspiration to another woman today and tell her how much you admire and appreciate her!!

Trading Places

We have all heard the phrase “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”.  Well, this is true until you’re the one in the difficult situation. Sometimes we feel as though it’s the end of the world and life as we know it is unfair.

Where is the faith? Where is the trust? Where is the positivity? Suddenly we have lost our momentum to look ahead to a brighter tomorrow.  Life will always have its unexpectancies, but it’s up to us to continue believing in God and trusting that he has already worked it out on our behalf.

Say an encouraging word to someone to lift them up in their time of need. We all need positive people in our lives who are inspiring and not judging.   You will never know when that day come and it’s you standing on the opposite end needing a helping hand.

Words are powerful and just as they can build a person up; they can also tear a person down. Be mindful of what you let come out of your mouth.  We are not here to judge others, so unless you have walked in their shoes, it’s probably best to stay in your own laces!!!